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What conditions can be treated with TCM Acupuncture?

Sometimes, there can be confusion about what conditions can be treated with TCM Acupuncture. There have been various instances where its success has gained attention in the West, with stories about its use in China as an anaesthetic or for pain relief. 

However, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a full medical system in its own right and, as such, can be used to treat all types of medical conditions. Treatment effectiveness will depend upon a number of factors including, for example, the type of illness, its severity, chronicity and so on.

TCM does not use Western labels to describe the ailments that it treats. The illness is treated according to TCM principles and uses Chinese Medical terminology to describe the conditions treated. It carries out a full Chinese Medical diagnosis after which a treatment is given which is tailored specifically to the individual. In this way no two treatments are the same and the person is treated as opposed to the condition.

Clients do however, frequently present to the Acupuncture TCM Clinic with disorders which they themselves describe using Western medical names. For a list of these most commonly presenting conditions please visit the - medical conditions treated by TCM Acupuncture - page on the PRTCM website.

If you would like to find a TCM practitioner, please find the Practitioners list on the PRTCM website and contact a practitioner near your location to make an appointment.

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