Professional Register of 
Traditional Chinese Medicine


The PRTCM accepts as members, practitioners:

  • who have undergone an appropriately high level of training,
  • who have passed all the requisite examinations,
  • who practice only the traditional treatment methods of TCM which have a soundly established foundation based upon extensive clinical trials over many centuries of use
  • and who are prepared to commit themselves to complying with the PRTCM’s strict Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.

You can join the PRTCM by successfully completing Acupuncture TCM training to the standards required by the PRTCM.

If you are already a qualified practitioner, you should contact the PRTCM Membership Secretary giving full details of both your professional training in Acupuncture TCM, and your subsequent clinical experience.

Suitable candidates are interviewed by members of the PRTCM’s Membership Committee after receipt of a fully documented C.V. and completed Application form. Evidence of qualifications is required and clinical competence will be assessed at interview.

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