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Accidents, injuries and Acupuncture treatment

Injuries tend to rise at this time of year. The brighter days and nearing of Spring time sees a rise in all activity including more people being out and about, doing odd jobs or getting back into sporting activities. The range of accidents and injuries presenting in the clinic for Acupuncture Treatment can vary greatly, as does the cause, typically ranging from such things as ladder accidents to sports injuries. 

It is important that these types of injuries get treated quickly. The quicker they get treated, the less chance of them getting worse and becoming harder to treat. A person can recover quicker and with less treatments if the injury is relatively new. If an injury is left untreated, it can give way to more serious conditions as it weakens the body and becomes vulnerable to external pathogens settling in the area affected. For example, clients can show up years after an initial injury, presenting with a condition that can be traced back to an old injury that went untreated. 

Another injury that frequently presents in the clinic is from overuse or repetitive strain. There are some jobs that require repetitive lifting which can lead to subsequent weakness to the area affected. Overwork of any muscle, joint or limb can not only affect the local area but in Chinese Medicine can lead to more serious weaknesses that are not easy to treat. It is therefore important if a person's work is causing such injury that they seek treatment and advice on how to manage the situation so as not to develop further conditions.

If you have an old or new injury and would like to make an appointment for Acupuncture Treatment, you can go to the PRTCM website to find a practitioner near you. Contact details for our members are on the Practitioner list. Contact directly to make an appointment.


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