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First you need to find a qualified and insured practitioner.

All full PRTCM members are fully qualified and insured to carry out safe and effective treatments. Go to the "Find a Practitioner" button above or click here for a full list of PRTCM members.

You can chose a practitioner according to the therapeutic methods they employ or you can select a practitioner who practices in or near your local area. The choice is yours.

How do I make an appointment?

You should make direct contact with the practitioner, normally by phone in the first instance. He or she will then arrange to see you for an initial consultation. Consultation is by pre-booked appointment only.

If they feel that it would be more beneficial for you to see another medical practitioner they will, with your agreement, make the necessary referral.

How much will it cost?

Have a look at the section"Fees and Insurance Cover" for more information.

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