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Acupuncture and its associated therapies

Acupuncture and its associated therapies

Acupuncture and its associated therapies Traditional bamboo cups and a Moxa stick

Members of the PRTCM are fully qualified TCM Practitioners. This means they are trained to the highest standard in TCM Acupuncture and its associated therapies. 

What are its associated therapies?

They include moxibustion, cupping, food therapy and lifestyle advice. When you visit your TCM Acupuncture Practitioner you can be treated with one or a combination of these. What are they exactly and what can you expect from your visit?

Moxibustion is a heat treatment used on certain conditions of a Cold or Damp nature. It involves the lighting of moxa which is a dried herb and then either holding it over an acupuncture point or applying it directly onto the skin over the acupuncture point to produce a therapeutic effect.

Cupping is another therapy used in TCM clinics to treat mostly muscular conditions. This involves a suction being created on the tissue by the use of cups. The suction produces a therapeutic effect on the area treated. This has become popular in recent years with professional athletes.

Food therapy is advice given to the client by a TCM Practitioner. It involves information on particular foods to avoid or to introduce in order to help the treatment. In TCM there are energetic qualities to foods and it is these qualities and their effects on the body that determine which are beneficial or not.

Lifestyle advice is another associated therapy of TCM Acupuncture. Here the Practitioner may give advice on factors that are influencing a clients health in order to improve it.

If you would like to find a TCM Practitioner near you please find our member list here and contact a practitioner near you to make an appointment. You can also find more information on Acupuncture TCM on the Irish College of TCM website.

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