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The Professional Register of Traditional Chinese Medicine (PRTCM) is a Professional Body regulating the clinical practise of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It was founded in 1983 and has been actively promoting and regulating Acupuncture and TCM since then.

Its aim is to help ensure that Acupuncture and other effective and traditional treatment methods of TCM are safely available to the public, by both representing and regulating practitioners of Acupuncture and TCM. To this end, it only accepts as members, practitioners:

  • who have undergone an appropriately high level of training,
  • who have passed all the requisite examinations,
  • who practice only the traditional treatment methods of TCM which have a soundly established foundation based upon extensive clinical trials over many centuries of use
  • and who are prepared to commit themselves to complying with the PRTCM’s strict Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.

What all of this means is that all full members of the PRTCM are fully trained, fully qualified and fully insured practitioners of Acupuncture TCM.

Some members are also qualified and insured to provide other TCM treatments such as Chinese Herbal Medicine and Medical Qigong.

More information on each of these therapies is provided on this website. Browse through the main menu above for more information.

What does the PRTCM do?

Its main roles are regulatory and promotional.

The PRTCM makes available to the public, free of charge, a regularly up-dated, on line “Directory of Practitioners” which gives details of all its fully trained, fully qualified and fully insured members who offer treatments within their chosen treatment modalities of TCM.

Contact details and clinic addresses are included.

Insurance cover

The Register ensures that all of its members are fully covered by Professional Indemnity and Public liability insurance which covers medical practice throughout the whole of Ireland, Britain and surrounding islands.

Recognition by health insurers

PRTCM members are recognised by the major health-insurance providers in Ireland for the provision of Acupuncture treatment. Visit the Fees Section for details.

PRTCM and governmental bodies

The PRTCM co-operates with government bodies to promote and regulate the profession.

Currently Acupuncture and TCM are self-regulated medical options. Having been at the inception of Acupuncture TCM in Ireland - and thus being at the forefront in introducing initial basic standards of professionalism - the PRTCM continues to promote ever safer standards of client treatment and welfare.

To this end, since 2007, it actively co-operated with other professional bodies in the Acupuncture and TCM field, in a Steering Group for Acupuncture TCM, under the auspices of the Department of Health and Children with whom it had regular communication. This Steering Group sought to establish a common Code of Ethics and Code of Practice and to establish common standards for evaluating what constitutes proper professional training.

Other PRTCM functions

The PRTCM also:

  • provides members willing to give talks on Acupuncture TCM to local groups
  • provides a spokesperson at discussion forums and debates on Health issues on Radio or TV as requested
  • publishes materials on Acupuncture TCM which it makes available to the public
  • sponsors Continuing Professional Development training for its members
  • provides a newsletter and information facility for its members via the website
  • has a Disciplinary Committee and Ethical Officer who responds to and investigate any infringement of the Code of Ethics or the Code of Practice by members
  • takes disciplinary action, including expulsion from the PRTCM, where needed.

How can I become a PRTCM member?

You can join the PRTCM by successfully completing Acupuncture TCM training to the standards required by the PRTCM. Find out more about the required qualifications

I am already a qualified practitioner – how can I join the PRTCM?

You should contact the PRTCM Membership Secretary giving full details of both your professional training in Acupuncture TCM, and your subsequent clinical experience. Suitable candidates are interviewed by members of the PRTCM’s Membership Committee after receipt of a fully documented C.V. and completed Application form. Evidence of qualifications is required and clinical competence will be assessed at interview.

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