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The scope and range of ailments amenable to TCM care is enormous. An indication of their type and variety can best be gleaned from the section Conditions Treated on this website, or from the leaflet “Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine”, available from the PRTCM.

All ages of client can be catered to, from the tiny infant to the very old. All types of conditions can be treated – chronic or acute, severe or mild, mental or physical. Pregnant women are prime candidates for TCM and much can be done to promote both ante-natal and post-natal care of mother and baby. Acupuncture TCM can also be very helpful for those having trouble conceiving or having the family they would wish.

Those properly qualified can treat animals with TCM therapy.

For a list of some of the typical conditions which people present with in the Acupuncture TCM clinic click here.

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