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How much does treatment cost?

The standard rate for Acupuncture TCM treatment varies a little from place to place and practitioner to practitioner. Currently the average cost per individual treatment in Dublin is around €50 for up to a half hour of treatment. The initial consultation takes longer and usually costs slightly more than a normal treatment.

If the practitioner uses therapeutic methods such as Medical Qigong which normally take more time, this is reflected in the price. If a Prepared herbal medicine or Herbal Prescription is prescribed these are at an additional cost to cover the price of the herbs.

You should ask the practitioner or receptionist about the exact cost of each treatment when you phone to make an appointment.

Will I have to pay for a course of treatment in advance?

No. PRTCM members are forbidden, by their Codes of Ethics and Codes of Practice, from charging you for treatment in advance. Instead, and in all cases, you will be charged per visit and will need to pay for each treatment as you go along.

Please note, many practitioners will charge you for an already booked treatment session, even if you have failed to turn up, unless you have cancelled that appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

Can I recover any costs from my health insurance?

We are happy to inform you that the PRTCM is recognised by VHI Healthcare, Laya Healthcare, Irish Life Health and other health insurance providers in Ireland. So, if you have health insurance with one of these providers they will reimburse you for some of your acupuncture treatment costs if you are treated by a PRTCM member.

Questions about this should be directed to the health insurance provider.

If you are making a claim against insurance you will need to get a receipt from your practitioner and you should request this after each treatment. They will be happy to provide it.

How do I find a qualified and insured practitioner?

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