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Other therapeutic methods

Other TCM Treatment Methods

Dietary Therapy

This form of therapy is a highly sophisticated and ancient specialism in TCM terms, quite unlike any western, contemporary approximation. It involves careful monitoring of food and drink intake in order to help to eliminate disease and speed recovery. The TCM practitioner can advise a patient regarding the type of food eaten, the time and manner in which it is eaten, or the manner in which it is prepared, in order to promote cure and enhance health.

Chinese Medical advice

This forms a crucial part of TCM treatment and concentrates on eliminating factors in the patient's life style or daily living activities that contribute to the cause or prolongation of a health complaint. Alternatively, the client can be instructed upon how to positively promote active health and increase wellbeing by suitably modifying the way they live.

Clearly, this type of specifically TCM instruction has no equivalent in conventional, western, medicine.


Therapeutic Exercises and Qigong for Health


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