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Winter - the season of rest

Winter, in TCM theory is a time of deep rest and recuperation, of stillness and reflection. Just as nature hibernates and enjoys a stillness after a year of productive activity.

As Winter time is now approaching, with its colder temperatures and damp weather, old aches and pains can raise their head. Joint problems (often called "Arthritis" or "Rheumatism" by those who come to see us for treatment) are complaints frequently seen across our TCM clinics at this time of year.

Acupuncture TCM is a natural form of medicine without any side effects if carried out by a well trained professional. Many  types of joint pain can be eased or alleviated by the correct application of Traditional Chinese Medical Treatments such as Acupuncture or Moxibustion.

If you would like to make an appointment, please check out our list of members on the website and make direct contact with the practitioner to arrange an appointment. All members of the PRTCM are fully qualified and trained to the highest standards.

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