The minimum qualifications required for the membership of the PRTCM are a minimum of three years of high intensity training in the theory and practice of Chinese Medidine. The content of the training is expected to be equivalent, or closely similar to that of the training given at the Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (see below).

How can I train to be an Acupuncturist?

The Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (the ICTCM), established in 1983, is the teaching institution of the PRTCM. It runs a full professional training course in Acupuncture TCM, called the Licentiate in TCM (Lic.TCM) which begins in October each year. A summary of this course is provided below, for reference.

Professional Acupuncture training - the Lic.TCM- Syllabus:

How can I train to be a Chinese Herbalist or a Medical Qigong practitioner?

You are advised to visit the website of the ICTCM for more details on the various Professional training courses provided.

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