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Traditional Chinese Medicine
Mary C.

Mary C. Plunkett is a full member of the PRTCM and is recognised by VHI, Laya Healthcare and other main Health Insurance providers in Ireland for the provision of Acupuncture treatments.

She qualified in Acupuncture TCM and then Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK, with qualifications equivalent to or higher than those shown below.

She helped the founder, Thomas J Shanahan, set up the at the Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ICTCM) in Dublin in the early 1980s. She gained her Medical Qigong qualifications in China through the ICTCM.

Mary is a teacher and Clinical Supervisor at the ICTCM.

is a qualified and insured practitioner of
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, including:
Lifestyle and dietary therapy
 Chinese Herbal Medicine
 Medical Qigong
  • Lic. TCM (Licentiate in Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Dip. CHM (Post-graduate Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine)
  • Masters level qualification in Medical Qigong
Main Areas of Practice:
  • Acupuncture TCM
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Medical Qigong
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